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Class times and ratios will still be reduced so we can slowly phase kiddos and classes back in!
*Some of our classes are currently all parent-assisted to help with social distancing - this includes Supertots, Munchkins, Mighty Munchkins, & Tot Ninja. Hot shots will have the option to do class alone or with a parent.



Our preschool classes and gymnastics lesson plans were designed with the developmental milestones of your preschooler in mind.  All of our preschool gymnastics classes are taught in our tots area with some introduction into our main gym which allow your child to feel more secure and better maintain focus.  Your child will participate in age-appropriate activities designed to enhance coordination, strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and exploration while learning gymnastics on specially designed equipment just for their size.

Ittie Bitties:

6-12 mos

Length: 30 minutes

(FREE parent assisted)


confidently walking to 2 yrs

Length: 30 minutes

(parent assisted)


Hot Shots:

4 yrs

Length: 50 minutes

(half of class in main gym)


2-3 yrs

Length: 45 minutes

(parent assisted)



5 yrs

Length: 50 minutes

(all in main gym)

Mighty Munchkins:

3.5 yrs & potty trained

Length: 45 minutes





Recreational Gymnastics & Cheer

Once your child turns 6 years old, they will be a part of our recreational program.  All of our carefully thought out classes are designed to foster your child's love of physical fitness and gymnastics in a fun, challenging environment.  Emphasis is placed on body awareness, speed, agility, flexibility and strength.  The athletes will train on all four gymnastics apparatuses every week & evaluated on their progress 3 times per year as they move up through our program:


Our Beginners Gymnastics class

Length: 1 hour


Back Handspring Class:

Intermediate supplemental class. Must have some previous gymnastics experience.

Length: 30 minutes



Intermediate Gymnastics class. Must have previous gymnastics experience.

Length: 1 Hour

Cheer Tumbling Class:
Class to work on cheer skills and tumbling for cheerleading
Must have some previous gymnastics experience

Length: 45 minutes


Int/Advanced Gymnastics. Must pass Rockets to be eligible. 

Length: 1 hour 15 minutes





Advanced Gymnastics. Must pass Dynamos to be eligible.

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes









Ninja, Obstacle Courses & Tricks

Ninja classes and Obstacles & Tricks classes aims to offer children a fun and rigorous, recreational exercise experience! These activities are generated through swinging, balancing, and jumping on an array of platforms, equipment, and apparatuses. Our gravity-defying courses also include a variety of tricks and skills like handstands, cartwheels, back handsprings and more!  

Tot Ninja:

2 - 4 yr olds

Length: 45 min

(parent assisted)

Ninja Youth:

5 - 6 yr old

Length: 1 hour


Ninja Junior:

7-8 yr olds  

Length: 1 hour

Ninja Senior:

9 - 11 yr olds

Length: 1 hour




Teen Ninja:

12 - 18 yr olds

Length: 1 hour



5 - 10 yr olds

Length: 1 hour

(combo class)

Advanced Ninja:

6 - 13 yrs old

Length: 1 hour

(must have experience)

Urban Flips:

8+ yrs old

Length: 1 hour





Monthly Tuition

Tuition is due at the time of enrollment and on the 25th of every month thereafter in order to hold your spot in the class. Tuition prices are based on 1 class per week. Let us know if you are interested in taking more than one class per week!

Class Time


30 Minute Class $68/mo
45 Minute Class $75/mo
60 Minute Class $82/mo
75 Minute Class $89/mo
90 Minute Class $101/mo
Dynamite Elite (2x week, invite only) $120/mo


We have no registration fees! Multi-student discounts available.

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