Rules & Policies



Dear Parents,

Thank you for choosing Capital Gymnastics & Athletics! Our programs are designed to inspire those we work with to have fun, understanding that part of the fun is working hard and trying to improve as an athlete and as a person. We want all of our athletes to develop self-confidence and skills through their effort and dedication so that they can achieve their goals in sport and in life. We do ask that you know and follow a few basic FACILITY rules:

TUITION: Tuition is due at the time of enrollment and on the 25th of every month thereafter. We will not accept special requests for auto pay to be run on a different day, other than the 25th. There are NO additional registration fees or enrollment fees. A $15 late fee will be charged if tuition is not paid by the 1st of every month. If tuition is still unpaid by the 10th of the month, your student will be dropped from the class and account will be turned in for collection.

In order to resume class after being dropped due to non-payment, we require past due balance to be paid in full plus 1 month tuition paid in advance.

REFUNDS: There are NO tuition refunds for families who forget to drop before tuition is processed on the 25th of the month. You will be responsible for the next month’s tuition whether you choose to attend or not. In the case of a state mandated closure, like COVID 19, there will be no refunds. CGA will credit your tuition forward or allow make ups depending on the scenario.

PAYMENT METHODS: AUTO PAY – A credit card or bank account is required to enroll in classes. Credit Cards/ACH are processed on the 25th of each month to pay for the upcoming month.

It is the customers responsibility to notify CGA if your card is lost, stolen, expired, etc.

If payment is declined, please contact us within 24 hours or you will be charged a $10 non-auto pay fee and additional late fees may incur

Credit Card – We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express

Checks – Make checks payable to CGA
A fee of $25 will be charged for all returned checks
After notification, if there is further disregard of payment, CAGE/CGA will turn your account over for collection

Cash and Money orders are also accepted

WAIVERS: In order to participate in class or be in the gym area, you must read and accept our online waiver at the time of enrollment or read and sign a paper waiver at the reception desk prior to your child participating. We also require the Photo and Spot TV release to be accepted and signed prior to participation in class.

MAKE UP POLICY: Make-ups can be scheduled in a class of the same level on another day that week or an open gym can be used as your make up. Make ups must be scheduled in advance by phone or email. Make-ups must be scheduled in the same month as the missed class.

-We do not pro-rate for missed classes.-We do not allow make ups for missing a make up class.

-We do not allow make ups if there is a balance due on your account.

-We do not schedule make ups for holiday closings when there are 5 days of that particular day of the week in the month (tuition is based on 4 classes per month).

OPEN GYMS: Open gym is supervised by staff but not structured like a class. You do not need to be a current student to attend open gym. Please see our website for the open gym schedule CASH ONLY payments will be accepted for open gym. If you would like to purchase a punch card, you are welcome to use a credit card to pay for that. If no participants have shown up for open gym within 15 minutes of the start time, staff may go ahead and close the gym.

DROP PROCEDURE: Please pick up a drop form in the lobby or fill out the online form located on our website under the forms tab and turn it in to the front desk by the 25th of your last month.

Please do not rely on email or verbal notification

Charges will continue until a written notice is received

Please note, you are responsible for payment of classes whether your child/children attend class or not until written notice is received.

If you are a SpotTV app user, your account will be removed and no further charges will made after your child’s last day of class

DRESS CODE: Children should be ready for class on time, proper attire, hair tied back, no gum and no jewelry. Girls should wear a leotard or close fitting athletic clothing; boys wear a tucked-in shirt and shorts or pants with an elastic waist. No zippers or buttons. No hoods. We prefer bare feet. Socks or tights are too slippery to wear on some of the equipment.

·Leotards with skirts are not allowed
·All sports bras (long or cropped) must be worn under other apparel such as tank tops, cami's, t-shirts, leos, etc.
This is for safety purposes when coaches are spotting.

RETURNED CHECKS: $25.00 charge for all returned checks.

WEATHER CLOSING: We will observe the TOPEKA SCHOOL DISTRICT 501 snow days with all daytime classes (9:30am through 3:00pm). Classes that start at 4:00pm or later will be notified by email of the closing. You can also check the closings on TV station WIBW and Capital Gymnastics & Athletics on Facebook. Weather closings will be announced by 3:00pm. You are responsible for scheduling your own make-up class in the event of a weather cancellation. Please schedule weather closing make-up class within the same month the classed is missed.

HEALTH: If your child is sick enough to miss school, please keep them home from CGA. If your child contracts lice, please notify CGA and keep them home from class for a minimum of 7 days and watch for signs of self re-infestation. If no re-infestation occurs after 7 days, they are cleared to come back.

SAFETY: For safety reasons no one is allowed to enter the double glass doors into the gym area unless being supervised by an instructor. Students must wait in the lobby for their class to be called. Children not participating in class must stay in the viewing area. No child is allowed in the gym without a coach/teacher.

No running or performing gymnastics in the lobby or viewing area Children under 10 cannot remain in the lobby or viewing area unsupervised. Please do not allow children to play outside unsupervised

VIEWING: You are welcome to watch classes from our parent viewing room.

PARENT ASSISTED CLASSES: One adult per child may be in the gym. Siblings cannot be on the floor with the class unless they are babies that can stay in a car seat or be worn on the adult.

SPOT TV: Parents (even grandparents too!) can enjoy password protected viewing through the SpotTV app right on your phone. Enjoy access to our 4 gym cameras and watch your child in class from our viewing room, home, the grocery store or anywhere! Spot TV is a free ll students must also have a Photo and SpotTV release on file at CGA. SPOT TV is currently FREE to all of our customers.

ARRIVAL & PICK UP: Students should arrive about 5 minutes before class starts. Parent/adult supervision is required if the student arrives more than a few minutes before class starts. Please pick your student up on time. Students must remain inside the building while waiting to be picked up. If you are using our car loop option, students will be released by a coach who will watch them walk safely to their car.PERSONAL ITEMS: You can use the cubbies in the lobby area for socks, shoes, jackets, etc. CGA is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Our lost and found is also located in the lobby.

Photography/Videography Release: Images and videos of students and event attendees may be used for commercial purposes within the confines of CAGE/CGA advertisements, promotions, and web presence at, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Photos and videos will be used selectively and in a tactful manner.