Daytime Class Schedule



Parent/Tot Unlimited (ages 3.5 and under): Enroll in 1 choice and come to all of them!  Come to the Parent/Tot Unlimited class as many times per month as you would like!  This 30 minute parent/adult participation class.  Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa/Nanny/Babysitter - any adult caregiver can participate with the student.  Adults will be helping, not expected to do any gymnastics skills themselves.  Class is organized with lesson plans, not open play.

Independent Unlimited (ages 3.5-5): This is our 45 minute independent daytime toddler class. Enroll in 1 choice and come to them all.This class is designed to teach children body awareness, flexibility, and strength in a fun and active environment.  Structured classes are based on progressive lesson plans that introduce a variety of basic gymnastics skills including forward and backward rolling, basic handstands and cartwheels, and an introduction to bars and balance beam.  

Homeschool Gymnastics & Ninja Class: This is our once a week 45 minute recreational gymnastics and ninja class. It's a mix of gymnastics skills for part of the time and ninja skills for part of the time.  Available for Ages 5 - 12 years old. Sibling discount of 10% off the second and third student. 


Monthly Tuition

Tuition is due at the time of enrollment and on the 25th of every month thereafter in order to hold your spot in the class. Tuition prices reflected below are for families enrolled in our auto-pay program. There's a $10 fee on your tuition prices for not being enrolled in our auto-pay program.

Class Time


Parent/Tot Unlimited $45/month
Independent Unlimited $58/month
Home School Class $58/month